Solutions for the Transportation & Truck Drivers Since 1994 - Drug testing and Alcohol Testing Management
A  provides Department of Transportation (DOT) urine drug testing by the Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 regulations.
Drug Testing Consulting Services provides mandated testing for each agency:

Under 49 CFR Part 382 & 40, the Secretary of Transportation may impose fines up to $10,000 on employers who are not in compliance with drug and alcohol regulations.
•Federal Aviation Administration
•Federal Railroad Administration
  •Federal Transit Administration   
•United States Coast Guard 
 .Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  There are several reasons for conducting specimen collections. 
Some include:
•Pre-Employment Testing - required before hiring an individual or before an individual being placed in or returned to a safety-sensitive position.  Also needed before being a random pool.
•Random Testing - Employers who are subject to DOT regulations must randomly select and test a fixed percentage of their covered each year.  Covered positions are those that have been designated as safety-sensitive.
•Reasonable Suspicion/For Cause Testing - If an employee is in a covered position and is suspected by his/her employer of using a prohibited drug, the employee may be required to submit to drug testing.
  •Post Accident Testing - A covered employee may be required to submit a urine specimen for drug testing if the employee's performance either contributed to or cannot be discounted as a contributing factor to an accident.
  •Return To Duty Testing - If a covered employee refuses to provide a specimen or tests positive on a previous test, he/she must submit a specimen for testing before he/she may return to duty in a position.
•Follow-Up Testing - An employee who has returned to duty in a covered position after a negative return-to-duty test, may be required to submit to a series of unannounced tests.   
Note: If we do any outside collection for another third party administered (TPA)there will be of $75, must bring in paperwork for Lab. collection, our for the lab, the charges will be $65.00 for the Drug collection.