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Drug Testing

Do you need a Drug testing program

Do you need a Drug testing program ?

Before you renew for your annual Drug testing program. Consider Trucker Exam Inc. Very low prices.
$100.00 per driver up to 5 drivers
Over 5 drives **$55.00 per driver. ** This includes all Pre- Employment, Random drug testing and Alcohol testing.

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Transgender Observed Drug Testing

"The ODAPC is currently investigating the process to determine the gender of the collector for direct observation collections of transgender donors.  At this time, the observer should be the same gender as the gender that the donor identifies themselves to be.  Example: If a driver identifies themselves as female, then the  observer would be female." 

This rule only applies to the observer of a direct observation collection. A collector does not need to be the same gender as the donor, unless the collection is performing a direct observation collection. For other types of collections, the gender of the observer/collector is not an issue.

DOT Drug Testing

A Drug Testing & Third Party Administrator(TPA) , our concern is Drug testing and Drug testing program for the transportation companies.    We not only offer drug testing solutions for your company but we also offer different options for your company in the drug testing industry,
 and you will be given tools and tips to help you with your Drug testing. 
A Drug Testing & Third Party Administrator(TPA) is an DOT Drug testing  facility at 

2016 Random FMCSA

-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
[FMCSA] - See more at: https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/random-testing-

2016 DOT Random Testing Rates
25% Drug testing
10% Alcohol Testing

Hair Testing

Hair drug testing
From CCJ 1/14
Prompted by trucking interests, Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., andRep. Rick Crawford, R-Ark., introduced federal legislation this week designedto enable trucking companies to more effectively prevent lifestyle drug usersfrom gaining employment as commercial truck drivers. Companion bills in theSenate and House direct the Department of Health and Human Services torecognize hair testing as an optional method to comply with the Department ofTransportation drug testing requirements for truck drivers.

The CA DMV will not accept old form

Medical Examiner's Certificate

New bill letscompanies run drug tests on truck drivers' hair

New bill letscompanies run drug tests on truck drivers' hair
By PeteKasperowicz
The entirecongressional delegation from Arkansas has proposed legislation that would lettrucking companies run random drug tests on the hair of their drivers, a movemembers of Congress and companies say would help make America's highways safer.
Sen. MarkPryor (D-Ark.) and Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) introduced the legislation, H.R.3403, on Wednesday. They say it's needed because under current law, only urinetests are recognized by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) forpre-employment drug and alcohol tests.

Drug Testing Results

random drug testingWoman Faces Multiple Charges Over Drug Test Results:
A federal grand jury returned a 25-count indictment,charging a California woman for falsifying commercial driver drug test results.Demetri Dearth, 56, faces charges of mail fraud and false statements to agovernment agency, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the EasterDistrict of California. According to the indictment, Dearth was the owner andoperator of Advanced Programs based in Redding. Dearth purported to assistemployers of commercial drivers to comply with United States Department ofTransportation regulations requiring pre-employment and random drug tests ofcommercial drivers.

What happens when a (DOT)driver tests positive?

What happens when a DOT driver tests positive? 
When a driver has a confirmed positive, or engages in other prohibited drug or alcohol behavior, the driver must be removed from a safety-sensitive function per §382.501. The employer must present the driver with a list of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) per §40.287. The list must be given without a fee, and the carrier cannot force an employee to seek the evaluation. The list, also, must be made available to the driver (or driver applicant) whether or not the carrier retains the driver in their employ.